Friday, May 20, 2011


Life changes, we change, priorities are revisited – time is more valuable the less we have. 
In recent weeks, for some reason unknown to me, I am becoming more aware of this, even in the most insignificant things – such as:  this evening while having dinner on my porch as I normally do in nice weather, something just came over me – a feeling of well-being, peace and the absolute sense of ‘this is my life and I am experiencing an extraordinary moment.’ 
Everything seemed to come together just as if it were planned – my favorite time of day when the sky is transitioning into dusk – a cool breeze moving the earlier rain clouds off to the east – the delicate scent of my new ‘Serenity’ candle – a fresh cup of coffee – my backyard birds chirping and flitting about preparing to settle down for the night – and to top it all off, my grandson sends a message that he and his fiancée, who is expecting their first child, a girl whose name will be McKenzie, were married this afternoon.
There are special moments in life when words are inadequate, when we are filled to overflowing, when we have an overwhelming desire to laugh and cry at the same time.   I had a strong sense that God paid me a visit on my porch this evening – and for no other reason, I think,  than to let me know He cares and wanted to share a special moment with me.  I truly believe this – now. 
Not too many years past, instead of feeling the Presence of God, I would be having a serious ‘pity party’ – poor me, alone again – feeling so detached, mentally and physically, from everything and everyone.  Those who have suffered from depression know these symptoms, those who have not, get on your knees and thank God!
I could have had the same dinner, same surroundings, same phone call, but would have viewed it all in a totally negative light, never recognizing that this was a gift, something that may only happen once in a lifetime.  I wonder, How many other special moments were there and I was unaware of them?
It amazes me that the Lord has loved me enough to keep believing in me, knowing that so often I am slow to learn, selfish and stubborn.  After all, He knows us better than we know ourselves – He knew us before the beginning, while we were yet unborn.
This is but one example of how my life has changed.  All God’s Blessings are good, but I think sometimes special ones are reserved for days like today.

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  1. Bobbie this is a wonderful expression of who God has made you to be. You have changed and it is glorious! Keep moving forward in this new level of freedom--it is for this freedom that Christ has set you free!