Monday, February 12, 2018


February 11, 2018

Has it really been that long? My first post in at least three, maybe more, years? Do you ever get that nudging...that niggling in the back of your mind that you need to do something? Like my memoir...been in my mind for years now...knowing it needs to be written - for whatever reason - but it keeps getting replaced on the priority list. Same thing as my blog, same insecurity, same question, 'Who will read it?'  Is that it? Is that why...the old 'fear' monster? Most likely. But, I've been working on that...the fear of fear. It can be so damaging, dragging you down like a ton of bricks...telling you all the negatives...discouraging and bemoaning your efforts.

Today, I ignore the fear... God did not give us a spirit of fear and knowing that, I will not receive it!  So, a new season of 'Blest To Be' begins and to any and all who read it, you have my heartfelt thanks and appreciation.


 It all started a week ago. Much has changed since then, including the topic I was thinking about for my first blog. We make our plans, keep our calendar up to date, but sometimes Life happens in the midst of an ordinary throws you a curve ball out of the blue, and we realize today really IS all we have.

I had no plans for the day. When my phone rang I was in my pajamas, on my second, maybe third, cup of coffee reading my devotionals and waiting for the caffeine to kick in. The caller, who is a dear friend, asked if I could take her to the hospital. This was the last thing I expected to hear. All sorts of things running through my mind, the first being what was wrong? The second, did I have time to get dressed, to take Lucy out? Yes, but no time to waste.

Amazing how my eighty something year old body can still switch gears when it has to! This wasn't in either of our plans for the interruption that happens to millions of people on any given day. A curve ball. You have no option but to get in motion, catch it and start running. The mind as well as the body switches gears...what I had thought was important up until that moment, no longer was.

Hospitals are no fun, patient or visitor. But they are so appreciated in times of need. My friend who had several issues going on had to stay the night but she was treated, released and thankfully is back at home. Home never looks so good until you've been in the hospital.

Another curve ball later in the 'granddaughter-in-law' expecting a baby in a few days was rushed to the hospital with appendicitis. Her plans hadn't included this. Life happening, again. Step by step, in order of priority, she and baby had the care they needed and as of today, both are at home and doing fine.

And so, in spite of stretched-to-the limit conditions, less than perfect situations, the human spirit overcomes and moves ahead with new found strength and faith that God is watching, ever faithful, and all knowing. One of my favorite quotes, not sure whose...maybe 'Our greatest lessons are learned through our most difficult trials.'

Time is the most valuable gift we can give or receive. Perhaps we could consider giving a little more of more accepting, more tolerant, more considerate of others and by doing so, make the world a better place for all.

Till next time....