Saturday, April 20, 2013


Thought this little story would be appropriate today, after a week of incomprehensible hurt and sadness suffered by so many.......

This photo made just a couple of hours ago of mama bird feeding her new babies.
My last post was about a month ago telling about my little avian visitor preparing her nest, and today as I went out to enjoy the cool, sunny afternoon, once again there came the loud chirp that I at once recognized. 
Looking toward the trellis where the little house hangs, I saw her - something dangling from her beak - couldn't tell what it was, but in a moment as she flew into the house, I knew at once when I heard those screechy little chirps, it was feeding time - they had arrived.
When mama bird left, out scouting for more food most likely, I quietly tiptoed over to the house. As I attempted to peek inside, I was amazed at how dark it was in there!  Oh, how I wanted just a glimpse of these little ones - even thought about getting my flashlight, but decided against it.  This was their home and I had no business intruding - besides, I didn't know what a bright light might do to them, to the natural order of things.  And so, I went inside to get my camera, found a good spot far enough away, zoomed in and waited. In perhaps two or three minutes she was back and I got the photo. 
Where do they find their food I wondered?  How do they know what their babies like? Does she sleep with them at nite - I assume so.  So many questions......... and then a song came to mind, one I used to sing with the primary children when I helped out in their Sunday School class many years ago - I believe the title was "Who taught the bird to build its nest" - or something similar. Strange, I should remember that - something so insignificant at the time, but then - it must be 45 years, it's so clear in my mind. 
And of course, we know how mama bird can do all these things to take care of her young - that's how God created her, along with all the other creatures on earth - born with instincts - of survival and the need for continuity of their species. Amazing, I think, just amazing!
I don't know how long they will stay in their little dwelling, but how exciting if the Lord would let me 'just happen' to look out one day and see one of them perched on the edge, ready to try their wings. That would be awesome! 

Be Blest and be encouraged ......... God Bless the USA!!