Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Window to the World

The size of one’s window doesn’t necessarily define what one sees.  The limitations of my vision are oft times due to self-inflicted boundaries.
As I looked out my window recently, the sky was tinted with a color that when I tried to think of the words to describe it, I realized there were none.  It wasn’t pink, or orange or another ‘earthly’ color one can pick from a Crayola box.  This sky was painted using God’s special ‘sunrise’ palette.
My eyes, transfixed on the sky as it changed from moment to moment, followed this display of the most amazing colors until the sun rose to its fullness above the trees. To witness the awesome beauty of a morning sunrise, one doesn’t require a grand floor-to-ceiling window overlooking a panoramic horizon – God’s colors shine equally as well through the smallest of dormers in the most modest abode. 
What we see comes from a place deep inside –
For so many years the window to my world was seen through eyes that were clouded to the beauty that lay beyond my windowpanes. Even God’s colors couldn’t penetrate the shield that covered not only my eyes, but also my heart and perhaps to the depths of my soul.  That place deep inside was not discovered until the Lord began healing me from within – beginning so far down in my inner being that for a long time I didn’t recognize the changes that were taking place. 
The Lord works that way, increasing awareness of the smallest, most insignificant things we sometimes take for granted, or worse yet, rarely even notice. They become more important, more interesting – until one morning for no apparent reason, the colors in the sunrise take my breath away. I watch in awe wondering, are all sunrises this beautiful or is today special?  And I hear as if in answer to my silent question - Yes, they are all beautiful, just as every day is special as well as every blessing I bestow upon you – I had looked, but had not seen – not until the Lord persistently made His way into that deep inner place within the soul where, when reached, one’s entire being is transformed.
The windows of my world have changed over the years – the vistas to which they open have changed, but no matter, whether city streets, mountains or the shore, I see with greater appreciation the creation that lies outside my window – nature’s  continuous evolvement from season into season, each with it’s own uniqueness and wonder. From my window that looks eastward toward the sunrise, with all boundaries removed, physically and spiritually, I see the ebb and flow of life.

Be Blest and be Encouraged,