Monday, May 16, 2011


TI realized many years ago that I have the need to write. Most times, when the spoken word fails me, the written word takes over.  Stacks of journals and folders hold an accounting of much of my life over the past twenty years.  Since taking an online 'Write your Life Story' course, my motivation to begin 'my story' has been given a shot in the arm.  This has been a project that has been left on the back burner for too long now.  If not now, when? I ask myself - and the reply was, It's time. 
Time to get out that box of endless writings and sort through, although I know before I begin that at least one day must be set aside in order to read them all - maybe two days.  Pulling this and that from the bits and pieces is going to be a daunting and emotional task, to say the least.  But I am committed.  My primary reason for documenting my story, other than for my children and grandchildren, is the desire to reach out to those who need encouragement and support, to know they're not alone.  Perhaps my story will help others to write theirs.
It is by life experiences that we learn our own truths and values and one important truth I have learned is that we are each created with our own special gifts to bestow in whatever way might be of help or service to our fellow man.  The Lord has been nudging me in the direction of writing for quite a while now and I intend to follow His lead, taking the leap of faith that will turn my dream into reality, and to believe at the end of the day I made a difference.
"If it's going to be, it's up to me."  Dr. Robert Schuller
Posted by Bobbie Edwards at 2:47 PM


  1. What a wonderful sense of freshness and excitement this brings. There's a little saying that says God places an angel over every blade of grass and whispers, 'grow grow'! I know this new beginning will grow as God watches over it proclaiming 'It is good'! May you continue to be blessed to be a blessing Bobbie. ~ Diane

  2. Thanks, Diane. Another beginning indeed - growing, increasing and encouraging - that's what we do, isn't it?
    Was reading in "Old Friend from Far Away" - she says (re: writing) when we get stuck, just keep practicing and keep walking - "and the flower of your experience will burn forth...."
    Love and Blessings,