Tuesday, July 17, 2012


We have all had divine appointments at some time in our lives - but do we always recognize them?  Those meetings, detours and/or extraordinary happenings - that small voice that says ' turn this way' - or 'open that door and see what lies beyond.'
I have not always paid attention to 'my inner voice' - too rushed, too tired or too whatever. I do not believe in 'chance' or 'coincidence' therefore, I must believe everything is ordered by divine power for reasons beyond my comprehension - therefore, I have come to believe that what I thought was an inner voice is the nudging and instruction of God.  Now that I know this, things and happenings make more sense.  
For example, my most recent experience was Sunday, July 8 - in addition to the Lord practically pushing me out the door that morning - I was running late and almost had decided not to go - the message was one that I really needed to hear - it was on 'What are you Focusing On?'  - after that came a totally unexpected meeting - the divine appointment that was to introduce me to Wilson Mugambi M'Arimi from Kenya. 
I cannot tell in simple words what this meeting has meant to me. He and his family live in Ohio not far from Vicki's and he is completing his doctorate at the seminary. He speaks with such wisdom - encourages - asks the meaning of all sorts of things - my name, Jesus' name - scriptures he's given me to read - this all questions my knowledge, I realize I don't know as much as I thought I did.  As I said, words cannot convey what all of this has meant. I hope to visit him and his family next month while in Ohio. Just think - I could have missed all this had it been solely up to me. I don't believe you've heard the last of Wilson M'Arimi. 
                                   >>>>>>  <<<<<<<

This meeting with a stranger from half way round the world has inspired me to look with a closer eye, to think what I'm about to say, to pay more attention to the scriptures and apply them to my life - and to listen to that small voice that will guide us from one step to another - always close, always with our best interest at heart.  I am reminded of a scripture written on an index card that's been in my Bible for years - I don't recall why I wrote it down - what the significance was at that time - maybe it was just that it was to be remembered today  and passed along to you:

" Pay attention to what I say, Listen closely to my words.  Do not let them out of your sight. Keep them within your heart for they are life to those who find them and health to a man's whole body. Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life."  Proverbs 4:20-23

One of the scriptures I was given this morning is
Isaiah 43:18-19.  "See I am doing a new thing!" God says. Words of encouragement and hope in the days to come.

Be Blest and Be Encouraged -